Overflowing with pride

All week … well maybe not all week, I pondered what to blog about. A few good options, but nothing got my juices flowing. Sunday morning rolled around and still nothing. So I decided to pay a few bills. The water bill seemed quite high so I wasted 25 minutes on hold to speak to a real live human on the phone. Within the first few seconds of her answering my call she said, “Yup, sounds like you have a leak.” That’s when the lightbulb went off in my head. I remembered the toilet had been running on and off lately so we would jiggle the handle after each flush.

Now instead of leisurely blogging I was wrangling with plumbing woes. Calling my favorite plumber on a Sunday morning meant a hefty emergency fee tacked on top of the actual repair, and that just goes against my grain. So I donned my big girl panties. Not just for bravery, but they also guaranteed a not so “plumberesque” look! Once I was elbow deep in a tank of clean toilet water and saw the rubber disc at the bottom of the tank was getting caught up on itself, I surmised it was unable to do it’s job. That’s when for the first time in my life I related to a toilet. How? Too many times I just cannot get out of my own way, becoming my own worst enemy. It sometimes helps to takes a deep breath, have a bit of a timeout or share a glass of wine with a friend and I’m good as new. Overflowing with empathy for my toilet, I set out to make this right.

I am fascinated with hardware stores. You’ll find me wandering around the aisles holding items and staring into space brainstorming other uses for them. For example: I found a short roll of paint paper for $2.18 that morphed into my memo board.

A radiator metal cover got a coat of spray paint and became a magnetic board.

This happens at flea markets too. I fell in love with an old chicken feeder for $15.00 and it is my dining room centerpiece … for now.

So back to plumbing … I learned the rubber disc I was replacing is a flapper, which made me giggle. All I could visualize was this disc in a short glittery dress not able to dance. So I appropriately chose a water conscience flapper for $5.59 and rushed it home. It took me all of ten minutes to switch out the flappers only to realize the toilet was still running. Disappointed and frustrated I took to the internet to find the cause. It is one of the things I do love about the internet. After a handful of do-it-yourself youtube videos I was off again. This time though I picked up a Toilet Fill Valve & Flapper Kit for a mere $13.98! 

So long and short, I fixed my running toilet ALL BY MYSELF. I not only saved money (which is always a plus) but I am proud I took care of business and accomplished a task I had never done before. Most of all I was tickled pink I got out of my own way long enough to learn something new, which I then repurposed into this week’s blog. Yay me!

Moral: Empowerment is a very liberating and quite possibly addicting well.

Your plumber friend,

A little thing you should know: I am simply sick, sad and tired about the endless negativity in the news. When I’m sick I take medicine, when I’m sad I am kind. Not because I am wonderful, but because it makes me feel better.  My first dose of kindness occurred yesterday towards a local Elementary School and yup, it’s just what the doctor ordered!