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Such notoriety has allowed Allison to travel the United States over the past 24 years, speaking to students, teachers and businesses sharing her “life's little lessons.” Whether a classroom of 25 students or an auditorium of business executives, Allison customizes her presentation for people of all ages and walks of life!

Presentation and Speaking Capabilities

All one needs to do in order to see the effectiveness of Allison’s approach is to watch her in action and see the many knowing nods that come from the audience as she talks. That is because Allison is speaking a universal language–one of humor, compassion, caring and understanding. And when the audience leaves, they do so armed with a life game plan that manifests itself in enhanced personal and business productivity.

Community Organizations

As a keynote speaker, Allison recounts her life stories and how they relate to her becoming a teacher, children’s author, football coach’s wife, mother of two and a person who lives her life daily with the goal of making the world a happier place. She has a knack for touching the heart of every person in the room. Attendees laugh, cry, ponder life and–most importantly–leave inspired, determined to be a kinder and better person. This presentation is the perfect way to thank your organization and its members while further motivating them to become even more involved.

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After each presentation students and teachers choose either a hug, high five, fist pump or handshake as they say farewell.

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