The books also caught the attention of the media, having been featured on Live with Regis and Kelly, in Woman’s Day magazine and in countless newspapers and regional magazines throughout the country. Former Secretary of State (and former First Lady) Hillary Rodham Clinton has also acknowledged Allison’s work.

Although Allison has received attention from national media, her most significant praise comes from elementary schools and auditoriums across the country.

REACH FOR THE SKY is a wonderful adventure in the specialness of every child and in fact, in every person. It is as inspiring as it is fun and it offers a welcoming message that every person can make a difference with his or her unique qualities.
— Timothy P. Shriver, Ph.D., CEO, Special Olympics, Inc.

“On behalf of the entire Beeler community, thank you for sharing your story today and spending time with us. You are so passionate about your message and delivering it to children (and adults).”

-Jerry Boland, Principal of Beeler Elementary School

I wanted to thank you for your presentation yesterday. I was crying frequently during your talk. Many of my students agreed that your words moved them. For the rest of the day, the atmosphere in my room was different than it had been. There was a feeling of calmness and kindness. So many of my students expressed how you had changed their lives.

I was extremely pleased with the behavior of the fifth graders. I have seen them in assemblies before. The fact that they behaved the way they did is a credit to your abilities as a story teller bringing a message that they viewed as meaningful. During most assemblies, the teachers need to help maintain order. You did that by yourself.

Our fifth grade is better because of your influence. THANK YOU!
— Mark Rosenberg, Fifth Grade Teacher
Everyone needs to hear what Allison has to share.
— American Football Wives Association
Everyone she meets falls in love with her and her stories. Allison fills the room with inspiration, honesty, laughter and compassion. There is never a dry eye in the house!
— Mary Erickson, Director of Shakopee District
You knocked the cover off the ball today! (sorry, baseball analogy) I never heard the club respond with laughter and such a positive vibe after hearing a speaker, as they did today. You did a wonderful job and many came up to me afterwards to pass on compliments to you! Your passion for your message was well documented today. I look forward to seeing you speak again.
— Todd Kitchin, Personal Financial Representative, Allstate