Introducing my “A” Team …

That A stands for Allison. The A Team refers to the people responsible for keeping me so awesome! Yes, that part about awesome was sarcasm.  In keeping it real though, I am not referring to a staff of cosmetologists, personal assistants or public relation people. I am speaking of that team that helps me get through my day, year, life. The people who help it run as smooth as it possibly can.  

My team includes the obvious and much appreciated cast of characters; husband, mother, sister, children, extended family and friends. But they are just the nucleus of my team. Along with them are the doctors, dentists, tax accountants, financial wizards, my home and health insurance agents, the gals at our credit unions and my Blog Editor! I cannot comprehend or do ANY of those jobs, hence my immense appreciation for their patience and professionalism.

So far we are all the same I suspect, right? But apparently here is where I may be different. My dear friend was visiting me many years ago and was surprised to find I knew that name of the woman behind the deli counter. After that, she was not at all surprised then when I invited my mail carrier to a brunch at my home. 

My philosophy is really quite simple… if you help me in any way at all, then I am grateful and will respond with kindness and almost feel obligated to address you by your name. So, yes I know my recycling guys name is Willie. Every two weeks he empties our bins and then lugs them back to my house. A neighbor asked me how come the recycling guy brings our empty bins up our driveway for us. I responded, “Willie doesn’t do that for you?” Kindness matters.

When our children were young we moved to Michigan. If you have ever moved, you know how important figuring out when garbage day is, right? So every Tuesday my children and I would lug garbage, empty boxes and ugly window treatments to the end of our driveway. It was summer and super hot - so one day my kids ran out and gave our garbage man a cup of lemonade. The next week they offered him a granola bar. By the end of that first month they were making him pictures on the driveway with chalk, and he would write messages back to them!!! It was not long before all our errands were scheduled around Tuesday so that we could see our friend. I wrote a letter to his company explaining how he represented the company with class, professionalism and kindness. He was promoted soon thereafter and we were disappointed that we would not see him anymore. Guess who came dressed in business casual to our home for lunch every so often? You betcha! Kindness matters.

My friend Mr. Charles is on the right. We took this selfie when I went back to Tuscaloosa for a visit!  If you see him, please tell him how much I still miss him!!!

My friend Mr. Charles is on the right. We took this selfie when I went back to Tuscaloosa for a visit!  If you see him, please tell him how much I still miss him!!!

I also know my post person’s name and visit him when I am back in town! I was kind when I brought my jewelry in to be fixed; came out with a job and lifetime friends! I’d be a fool not to befriend the girls who fix my Cruella De Vil hairdo every single month! I’ve attended Barre Class enough to be able to call a few of them my friends too. Knowing the people who are on your team makes the daily grind feel more like visiting with friends!

One of my husbands favorite quotes that he shares with every single offensive line he coaches, college or pro, is, “No man is an island, he must draw his strength from others.”  He got that right, except that this island is a gal!  

MoralKindness takes little effort and often costs nothing, but can make the biggest difference to everyone involved. Spread kindness!

with kindness,

A little thing I do: Whenever I speak to someone helpful on the phone I always ask to speak to their supervisor. It may take five minutes of my time, but the joy I receive from sharing my positive experience is utterly worth every second!

What kind little thing do you do?