What’s for dinner?

I must be feeling mighty comfortable with you since I’m going to share one of my most common thoughts when I wake up each morning. No, it’s not about being kind.  It has nothing to do with making the world a happier place. It’s more like a panic actually, one that gives me daily angst...what will we have for dinner? Yeah, it seriously is one of my top personal daily challenges! You’re asking yourself “Why?” Me too!

I wish I knew that answer, since I figure I have been unable to hit the snooze button approximately 36,500 times because of this very thing! The questions begin immediately. What day of the week is it?  What do I have in the refrigerator? I replay the dinner video in my head from the night before. Then there’s the validation process. The no comment is never a good thing. The best reaction is the first bite smile-which I refer to as a “Julia Child” moment! In case you were wondering, the latter is the rare occurrence.

Back in our dating days my husband and I decided that if we could make a go of it, I would forgo my teaching career and stay at home with our children. Therefore, I always felt that ALONG WITH EVERYTHING ELSE it was my “job” to make dinner each night. I mean, how difficult could it be to make dinner for a family of four each night? Lord knows those television cooking shows make it seem easy enough to whip up a delicious meal from a bunch of nothing.

The logical side of me knows that many, many people are behind the scenes of those shows. Still, they make me feel inferior. Their happy demeanor at the end of the 30-minute segment holding a full course meal most times is enough to make me sick.  Occasionally, I “drink the punch” and make their recipe. Cauliflower pizza crust was one of those moments! I believe my picture below says it all! I have way more confidence in recipes from my friends, since I know they would never lead me astray.  I am also planting a vegetable garden this summer right outside my kitchen door because if all else fails we can always eat salad, right?

Just in case you do not recognize this... it was my second attempt at cauliflower pizza crust.

Just in case you do not recognize this... it was my second attempt at cauliflower pizza crust.

Moral: All we can do is our best, and if that isn’t good enough try, try again!

your struggling chef friend,

A little thing that works for me: Sometimes I roast a chicken for dinner.  It’s so easy, flavorful and semi-healthy. I cut a bulb of garlic in half and stuff it inside the dry chicken. Then I drizzle the chicken with olive oil and shake Montreal Seasoning on top. Bake at 325 until that little white timer thing pops up. After I slice and platter the chicken up I place the remaining chicken carcass in a plastic bag and freeze it so I can make homemade chicken soup another night.  One meal, two dinners: do I hear someone say SNOOZE BUTTON?