Back to School and Blogging

It’s safe to say during our time apart I have been pretty busy. Not busy "like a one-armed paper hanger" or anything like that, just busy living life. I have honestly missed “us.” I didn't feel the loneliness in the beginning, kind of enjoyed the writing hiatus. It was becoming a bit of a struggle finding something to write about each week. But, when I caught myself writing inspirational messages on my hard boiled eggs, I knew it was time to blog again. So here we are!

My angel coin story is the perfect way to ease back into our blogging routine. Many years ago I purchased an angel coin for my sweet friend battling breast cancer who lived far from me. I told her that since I couldn't be with her she should keep this angel coin with her and know she was never alone. That coin was always, always with her.  Many years later when she accepted her time here was coming to an end, she gave me back the coin and said “I’ve loved having this angel coin Allison, but now it’s your turn to keep her.”  I too never went anywhere without her angel coin.

Hence began my mission to always have an angel coin handy when my path crossed someone in need. I was careful when doling out my dwindling stash of coins because I could not find a place to buy them anymore. Eventually I was just down to one give away and my special coin. About this same time I went into a local jewelry store as a customer and came out a part-time employee! They were friendly, wonderful, trustworthy, kind-hearted and in desperate need of help.

Early on in my employment one of their regular customers came into the store and it was clear she was struggling with cancer. I quickly ran back to my desk to retrieve my last give away angel and placed it in her hand. That night while closing up the shop, they asked me about the significance of the angel coin. That’s when they offered to make angel coins for me! Now not only are angel coins just a call away, but so are my dear jewelry store friends!

A week ago I found a friend in need, so I handed her my coin. I said, “A special angel is watching over you so you should never feel alone.” The look on the face of someone who receives an angel is worth triple the coin’s weight in gold.

A few days later I ran into my friend at our gym and she said she saw a woman in the locker room who was diagnosed with breast cancer. She wanted to give her angel coin to her but was afraid, since the coin had given her such strength and comfort. But in the end, she handed her coin over to the woman and said to me, “It felt so empowering, and so right giving my angel to her.” And so it continues…

Moral: Giving someone support is a gift that keeps giving!

A little thing you should know: My plan is to share my blog with you when I have something worthy to write about, so until then…

your friend always,