My March Madness

March started out like most; a couple of school author visits, filling out a college basketball bracket and searching for my flower bulbs to pop up in my garden. This seemingly typical Spring month quickly twirled into a hot mess. Instead of going on and on about all my troubles and shortcomings I have decided to share little random funny snippets and what I learned from my own March Madness.

My month began with a terrible case of the flu, and no I did not get a flu shot. Honestly every time I heard someone complain about the flu I thought to myself, “Grow up. How bad can it really be?” Well, that thinking might be why I fainted face first at the Admissions desk at Urgent Care. Some may call that karma!

With the tax deadline looming my list of banned activities were long, but weeding while my sweet dog went out to potty was thankfully not one of them! So while he did his business, I did mine. I grabbed a big old handful of dried grass from my front garden and got SPLINTERS! The grass was so dry and sharp it pierced my thumb in two places. So deep and almost invisible was this grass that I could not see it to dig it out! The thought of ending up at Urgent Care twice in one month was unacceptable, so I went to the local pharmacy. There they told me about this little pot of drawing salve that might help. Skeptical but desperate, I took it in my hand. The name alone would have sealed our love affair, but then it actually worked! Madness!

The other night my husband was making dinner while I finished up our taxes. I walked into the kitchen to find him cutting the lobster shell with my “only paper cutting scissors!” I explained to him why that was “madness!" It was clear to me he thought I was the mad one so I said …”Jeff, so then it would be cool if I used your 5-iron to plant my perennials?”

As a football family person often times I plant 100’s of bulbs only to move before they show themselves. For years I swore off planting bulbs, thinking it was a jinx. What madness for me when I got to see all the places I chose to plant crocuses, daffodils, tulips and allium back in the fall! So glad I took that risk and can’t wait to do it all over again this fall!

Madness continued with everything taking precedence over my beloved Barre and Pilates classes … breaking my personal record for "worst ever gym attendance." Good news is that since I lost weight thanks to that flu, I sort of seem to have broken even in that department.

One of the few times I was at the gym I ran into a friend who was wondering about my absence. I began my rehearsed response, “So I worked a whole bunch, had the flu, my dog isn’t feeling well and …” she cut me off and said, “Sounds like you’ve been busy writing a country song!” Yes I guess it did. Hmm, maybe I should? Madness!

So March has passed, basketball brackets can be recycled and hopefully the madness is over.

Moral: Madness can teach some pretty great life lessons too.

Your mad friend,

Two little Spring things I started to do: I’m all about buying reduced Spring baskets with fading flowers and planting those bulbs all around my garden! But, now I am also sprouting veggies on my kitchen counter in preparation for my edible garden. Seriously it’s madness after I make a salad. I place the romaine and celery ends in a 1/2 inch of water. About four days later and it is sprouting!!!

A last second update: Congratulations to Villanova University on becoming the 2016 College Basketball National Champions and securing my basketball bracket win too! MADNESS continues...