Folks, this is your captain...we are experiencing some turbulence

Many times this news from the flight deck results in a holding pattern. If it’s based on weather conditions then it’s usually not a total surprise. With a minimum of four years of schooling, meteorologists keep us well informed by researching, studying fronts, temperatures and conditions. These men and women review the facts to predict forecasts that help determine whether or not the public need take cover, hunker down in a safe place or keep our eyes on the skies. It is a job they take very seriously.

My favorite weatherman of all times!!!  THE SAM CHAMPION!

My favorite weatherman of all times!!!  THE SAM CHAMPION!

There is another job that is eerily similar--sports reporters, announcers, commentators, writers and radio personalities. These people also spend their time researching, studying fronts, climates and current conditions. These men and women keep the public informed on the pulse of the sports world. They spend endless hours discussing, predicting and reporting the facts as they see them. Their breadth of knowledge is not limited by a degree, but by time on the job. There are few topics off limits, few topics they haven’t covered and rarely do they find themselves without an opinion. This is their job and they also take it very seriously.

Sometimes, however, they forget that they’re talking about human beings—human beings with families and livelihoods seemingly always at risk. Yes, the rewards can be great at times, but it comes with a cost—nearly constant uncertainty and certainly constant scrutiny. I learned that one day long ago while listening to sports radio and I looked into the rearview mirror only to see one of my children crying. Now I choose to neither listen, watch or read it. Instead my job now is to focus on us.

The family!

The family!

Our family is in a holding pattern over the great city of Philadelphia. Things are uncertain. The dictionary definition of a holding pattern is “a state of waiting or suspended activity or progress.” Yeah that pretty much sums it up.  “Our plane” is filled with our football family. Seated beside the owners, front office employees, players and coaches are devoted spouses, football children of all ages, new and old friends and all those blissfully unaware faithful family pets. This particular holding pattern does more than determine whether or not someone will get home on time or make their connecting flight. Oh no, this one affects little league teams, neighborhoods, book clubs, classroom rosters, friendships and the real estate market. The fallout will not just be felt in Philadelphia, but in other parts of the country too.

The City of "Brotherly Love!"

The City of "Brotherly Love!"

Honestly, this is the time of year when there is some uncertainty with most employed in the football profession. So, if you find yourself seated in a “holding pattern,” here is my heartfelt advice to you.

  1. Tightly secure your seat belt and those who are seated around you.

  2. Holding patterns will always be a part of life so have some type of a plan.

  3. People watch and search for strength at times like these, so providing it will be helpful to everyone involved.

  4. Finally, it is what it is. It really is that simple. Worrying will not change A THING, it will only steal now from you.

Moral: Do not waste your time with the "what ifs," do your very best to focus on the “what ares."

Your friend,

A few little shocking things: My first born son has turned 21! How it has been twenty-one years since I became a mom for the first time is a mind blower, seems an impossibility and quite the shocker-doodle. He was my first best craft I ever made! Happy Birthday to my house renovating partner and look alike … be safe and please continue making wise decisions always, love, mom

The second shocker-doodle is that Jake, with a little bit of help from me, completed the fire pit in just a few days time. After a couple trips to the rock quarry and a few hours of placing stones we now have a great place to spend “s’more” quality family time together! See what I did there?