21-Blog Salute

TWENTY-ONE! This is my 21st blog. Clearly this does not warrant a 21-gun salute, but could this mean I am legally a blogger? Can I legally write my blog in all 50 states? I’m not a math girl but I know this translates into more than five months! That is just shy of half a calendar year. So many times “things” that I start don’t always last long. If you are a weekly blog reader then you know my success with drinking the 8 glasses of water a day and the avoiding carbs “thing.” So this I shall celebrate.

Celebrating for me usually involves some type of reminiscing. My very first blogs were written in the wintertime-sitting in front of the fireplace listening to the crackle of firewood. Today I am sitting on my back porch under the fan listening to the birds chirp. I decided it would be wise at this point to take a trip down memory lane and re-read in order each blog I have written.

What struck me was what this whole blog thing has become. What started out as a one way street for me to share my honest random thoughts, crafting ideas and successful recipes is now a two-way street. A street, if you will, where people can visit for a bit and listen to a friend who just might understand and share a laugh or two. A place where I can reach people with my words. This shouldn’t be such a surprise to me. I was born with words in my heart.

Words have always been my go to when things get tough. I love the power of words. I surround myself with them because they comfort me. They cover all walls, countertops and windowsills in my home. Words have the power to heal me when I am broken. The right words seem to automatically inspire me. Other words help to keep me focused on a goal (well, most times that is!) In other words, I am words!

This may explain why I am enjoying this blogging experience so much. I admit to sometimes being stumped as to what to write about and as you know I’ve also struggled with the concept of ghost readers. With my tendency for procrastination and “mousing” I have burned the midnight oil far too many times as well. But, overall sharing my words with you has been such a nice addition to my life. The best part might be all your comments, both on social media as well as in person. I continue to be stunned at the reach this blog has had in her short lifetime.

Along with those kind-hearted comments are so very many questions. So I thought this might be a good time to tie up a few loose ends. For those of you that are new to this blog, you may want to pour a cup of coffee or glass of wine and take a moment to catch up… the comments you are about to read will be far more enjoyable if you do. www.inchbyinchbooks.com/blog

My Top Ten Loose End List

l. Since a few of you thought I was joking about my friendship with Willi, my Recycling Guy friend, here is a pic of us my husband took a few weeks back!

2. I am still shipping out pairs of BGP to readers who sweetly sent me a personal message requesting them!

3. Thank you for your kind messages about the death of my friend, Dr. Derek Shepherd. I am almost fully healed.

4. Posting up a truth each Tuesday (TT) on social media continues to challenge, but a few of us have been giving it a go! A+ for effort!

5. I have have absolutely no idea what my 2015 New Years Resolution was… maybe to find my ABS that are still missing?

6. I am still in hot pursuit of my happiness!

7. I am deeply touched by the many beautiful pictures you have sent me of hearts you find in your world. I told you that you would start seeing them everywhere, right?

Jillian, a blog reader, was looking out her office window at One World Trade Center and spotted a heart of ice floating in the Hudson River! 

Jillian, a blog reader, was looking out her office window at One World Trade Center and spotted a heart of ice floating in the Hudson River! 

8. Despite our continuous, yes continuous, plumbing woes; I still love this home we are living in now!

9. Picked up a broken-down door just the other day... ugh and yippee all in one breath!

10. I have no idea what we are having for dinner tonight. Got any ideas?

Moral: We are all a work in progress... baby steps my friends!

Your baby-stepping friend,

A little thing a friend told me just this morning: “I love your blogs Allison and really look forward to Tuesday mornings now.  But, it’s like reading a great book and I am really sad when they’re over!”